The 'Stay At Home' Minors On Tour Trip

Celebrating MOT in our own back gardens

When MOT week rolled around this year with no trip to go on, we couldn't all just sit at home so we had a 'virtual' rally instead and around a hundred of us spread across forty cameras enjoyed a couple of hours together via Zoom, raising a few hunded quid for charity along the way. Here's some of the photos sent in from that event, plus some very dubious video footage of various parts of it!


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Video excerpts

One of the participants obviously started partying earlier than the rest of us and decided he could sing for us all. Can I suggest this clip is probably best watched with the sound off? :o)

We decided to run a 'cooking challenge' for a bit of a laugh and told poor Lynn she was doing it while several of us tried to follow along in our own gardens. SOME people cheated, didn't they Andrew?

Ignore Keith's ugly mug there - I just didn't chop the video very well at the start. This clip is Bradley who was over in Aus when lockdown hit and hadn't seen most of the MOT'ers for a year or more so was great to have him join us.

Rosie Hamilton takes full advantage of a lull in proceedings to dig out some embarrassing photos of MOT's past and generally make a nuisance of herself. Apparently they're coming on MOT next year - you've been warned...

Several of us dutifully cut out and decorated paper Travellers and/or MOT tour buses to show off - some put more effort in than others, but mostly because they were on furlough and didn't have anything better to do, eh Steve and Ro?