How the Morris Minor Owners Club is dealing with MOT 2020

UPDATE 05 May 2020


During the current crisis the Directors of the MMOC and the Minors On Tour team have been working hard to resolve the loss of our event for this year. As you will be aware this is an ongoing and fast-moving issue and that has inevitably led to protracted and complicated negotiations on behalf of the MOT'ers which have taken some time to finalise.

It is possible that these plans may have to change again in response to the changing nature of the pandemic, and the club will endeavour to update this page as and when that becomes necessary. The club and the organisers actively welcomes the views and input from MOT'ers on this issue, which can be left on both the Minors On Tour section of the MMOC messageboard here or via social media on the Minors On Tour Facebook page here.


Following the cancellation of Minors On Tour 2020 to Saumer because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to postpone the event and hold it in 2021 instead. The dates for the new event are Saturday 29th May 2021 – Saturday 5th June 2021 at the same location – Domaine de la Breche, near Saumur.

If you were booked on the 2020 trip, either directly with the campsite or via Eurocamp, you will have received email(s) from them cancelling your May 2020 booking and offering you a voucher to redeem against future use. They have agreed to waive any price increase and so you will be able to simply swap 'like for like' against 2021, e.g. if you were booked Saturday to Saturday this year, your voucher will cover Saturday to Saturday of MOT next year, regardless of any price changes. If – as my party were – you'd booked for extra days before and/or after MOT, your voucher will cover the cost of that next year. This applies to bookings made both via Eurocamp and those made directly with the campsite.

We anticipate that the very large majority of MOT'ers will be transferring their booking to next year, and since we had the very large majority of units for our group already we are not going to run our usual new booking run for MOT 2021. If you would like to come on MOT 2021 but were not booked on MOT 2020, please email the organisers directly as they may be aware of any availability from MOT'ers who are not able to commit to the trip in 2021. Only if an offer of accommodation is made and accepted will you be required to complete an MOT registration and to pay the requisite fee.

We look forward to seeing you all in Saumur next Spring. Until then, stay safe and our love to all.